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Battlefield 1: How to Get All Campaign Codex Entries


Battlefield 1: How to Get All Campaign Codex Entries

Get ready to put some work in.

Battlefield 1 has a huge amount of collectibles for players to find during each of the campaign’s War Stories. On top of Field Manuals, completing certain objectives will grant you codex entries. These unlock certain weapon modifications in multiplayer, on top of giving you a card you can view in your Soldier menu with a bit of historical information.

There’s a total of 53 different codex entries scattered across the game’s six War Stories. Here’s how to unlock each and every one, separated by War Story and then again by missions within each story.

Battlefield 1 Prologue: Storm of Steel

Break of Dawn

African American Soldiers – Complete Break of Dawn.

Unmissable. Awarded for completing the opening segment.

Battlefield 1 War Story #1: Through Mud and Blood

Collectable: Field Manuals

All four missions in this War Story have a codex entry for finding all Field Manuals. Check here for our guide here, on how to find all of them.

Over the Top

Observation Balloons – Kill 5 enemies while on foot.

During the first chapter, simply exit the tank and kill five enemies with your firearms.

German Anti-Tank Tactics – Destroy all 36 field guns.

There are 36 field guns scattered around this mission, here’s where each of them are

  • Guns 1 and 2 are at Point A, while 3-5 are found at Point B, and you’ll nab 6-10 at Point C.
  • Guns 11-13 will be shooting at you while you take Beren’s Crossing, and they surround Point C.
  • After you take Beren’s Crossing, guns 14-17 will be at the very next German encampment.
  • Guns 18-21 will be at the well square in the encampment.
  • Guns 22-25 are located at the German church HQ
  • Guns 26 and 27 can be found at Point D, along the trenches
  • Gun 28 is inside Big Willy’s Farm
  • After the farm, guns 29-31 are up the hill before you hit the bridge.
  • Guns 32-34 are stationed just before the giant metal bridge that you cross.
  • Guns 35 and 36 are just after the same bridge.

Fog of War

Forest Combat – Get through the forest without any melee kills.

This chapter will require you to play through multiple times for all codex. For this one, you need to take down every enemy without any melee kills, meaning stealth isn’t in the cards. Head in and blast away the enemies at all three checkpoints, and you can even lower the difficulty and still complete this one just fine.

Guiding Bess – Get through the forest undetected.

Like Forest Combat, you can lower the difficulty here, but essentially you’ll need to kill every enemy with a stealthy melee attack. Take it slow and make sure you’re spotting enemies and noting their patrol patterns. If you get caught, you can just load back to the nearest checkpoint and you’ll be fine.


Tank Hunters– Retrieve the first engine component in Breakdown.

This is required for the story. Cannot miss.

Stealing Tanks – Retrieve all engine components undetected.

This one might sound daunting, but it actually isn’t that bad. When you start this mission head into the nearest windmill to you, and you’ll find a silenced scoped bolt-action rifle. You can use the hills and roofs of buildings to spot enemies and take them out with the rifle if you want. You can also sneak through the building of the villages relatively easy, taking enemies out with melee kills or just leaving them be. Of course, just take your time and you’ll come out fine.

Steel on Steel

Bourion Wood – Don’t let the tank get damaged before clearing the village.

This one can honestly be tough. First thing’s first, lower the difficulty to make this as easy as possible. As you progress make sure to use windmills and hills as covers, and height to your advantage. Taking fire from enemies on foot does not count as taking damage, but taking a shell from another tank or anti-tank gun does. Like before, you can reload the last checkpoint if you take a hit.

Beutepanzers – Destroy one of the captured Mark V tanks.

The Mark V tank is basically the tank that you’ve been driving this whole time. You can find one in the village at the start of this mission, on the left of the defensive line and behind a windmill.

Towards Cambrai – Complete Through Mud and Blood.

Unmissable after completing Through Mud and Blood.

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