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Watch Uncharted 4’s Madagascar Come to Life in This Time-Lapse Video


Watch Uncharted 4’s Madagascar Come to Life in This Time-Lapse Video

From basic to beautiful.

Naughty Dog Environment Artist, Anthony Vaccaro today shared the journey of how the Madagascar area of Uncharted 4 was designed and crafted through the development process.

Vaccaro uploaded the video to his YouTube channel which guides viewers through the process from blockmesh to the final shipped art. The video was tweeted out alongside a sweet GIF showcasing just one of the transitions.

Vaccaro explains that he worked alongside Genesis Prado, Texture and Shader Artist at Naughty Dog to create the look, the art, and the massive jeep levels of Madagascar.

Unfortunately, Vaccaro notes that there are some missing images in the video’s description. “I lost most of the time lapse images from Beta to Gold Master (shipping quality of a game) so there is a bit of a jump from the last unfinished image to the final in-game image on all shots sadly,” Vaccaro said. Check out the full video below.

Even with some missing steps, the transition is still incredibly cool to watch as the sandy landscape gets brought to life.

We loved Uncharted 4 and gave it a perfect score. You can check out our full review here.


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