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Uncharted Movie Adaptation Gets Taken Off Sony’s Release Calendar


Uncharted Movie Adaptation Gets Taken Off Sony’s Release Calendar

Sully, that doesn’t belong in a museum.

As celebrated as a series like Uncharted might be, its rumored movie adaptation has been taken off of Sony’s release calendar, according to Exhibitor Relations on Twitter. Exhibitor Relations posts:

This is sad news for multiple reasons. For one, the franchise, while consistently well-reviewed and enjoyed by gamers, recently gained more steam with the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Additionally, while video game movies are often notorious for being bad, between old B-movies like Super Mario Bros., starring Dennis Hopper as Bowser, or even the recent Hitman film, the trailers for Assassin’s Creed are making fans of that series very excited.

Furthermore, with the bevy of rumors revolving around the supposed Uncharted film, such as Nathan Fillion starring as Nathan Drake, one would think Sony would be very willing to release it, given the franchise’s popularity.

However, just because the tweet says the film has been removed from Sony’s calendar does not mean all hope is lost. Perhaps Sony’s got more on their plate right now, between their coming VR device and PlayStation Neo, as well as new software, causing them to have to put the film adaptation of the action-adventure series on the back burner. We can’t assume they took it off the calendar for the worst reasons.

Uncharted has been a pinnacle of set-piece-heavy entertainment for a while now. If the Uncharted film ever does pop up again, we can hope that the team behind the film will draw some inspiration from some of the best scenes of the games. The dangling train immediately comes to mind. In the meantime, we can still go back and replay the games to our hearts’ content.


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