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Titanfall 2 Supply Pack Edition To Be Sold By EB Games


Titanfall 2 Supply Pack Edition To Be Sold By EB Games

Titan not included.

Recently, it was announced that Titanfall 2 would be getting a special edition called the Titanfall 2 Supply Pack Edition. Listed at a price of $129.99 on EB Games’ website, this special edition includes:

  • Titanfall 2 Game
  • Pilot’s Stare T-Shirt
  • Collector Coins
  • Collector Pin Set
  • Metal Plate
  • Lanyard
  • Mini Poster

In regards to pre-orders, EB Games’ website also says:

“Pre-order Titanfall™ 2 to get early access to Angel City, the remastered fan favorite map from the first Titanfall, when it releases for free this December. Also receive the Nitro Scorch Pack to give your titan some extra flair, featuring a special Nitro Warpaint and Firebrand Nose Art customization for the Scorch titan as well as the unique GOLD| Beast Mode Call Sign.”

Special editions are very common nowadays, so this is of little surprise. However, for avid fans of the original Titanfall, this special edition might be worth looking at. It has a few nifty trinkets that may make it worth the price of admission.

As of right now, Titanfall 2, as well as this special edition, is looking at a release date of Oct. 28. It will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.



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