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Persona 5 Gets New Details on Goro Akechi, After School Activities and Difficulty Levels


Persona 5 Gets New Details on Goro Akechi, After School Activities and Difficulty Levels

Which friends will you hang out with?

Persona 5’s Japanese release date is just a matter of weeks away, and more information about the game is slowly coming out. Atlus updated the official website for the game today, with some new information on a few different aspects; the brilliant detective Goro Akechi, activities you can take part in after school, difficulty levels and the “safe room” in dungeons.

Goro Akechi

persona 5

Goro Akechi is not only a high school student, but a brilliant young man with the title of detective. With his skills he’s lead a number of cases to resolution with law enforcement officials. That fact along with his appearance has garnered him a lot of attention, and earned him the title of “The Second Coming of the Detective Prince.” Akechi has an interest in the Phantom Thieves stirring things up in the world, and he’ll eventually be the ninth party member of the game.

After School Activities

Persona 5

Like past games in the series, Persona 5 has a number of options for your character to take part in after school. They can hang out with friends in various locations, see a movie and visit the bath house. You’ll also have the option of picking up a part-time job to earn a little spending money.


Persona 5

Persona 5 will let you choose what difficulty level you want to play on, right at the start of the game. There are a number of options, for anyone’s experience level. Newcomers might want to start on Safety or Easy mode, if they want to just experience the story. Those that have experience with the series however, might choose to start on Normal or Hard. It’s important to note that starting on Safety mode, will not allow you to change difficulty levels later on.

Dungeon Safe Room

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While your party’s exploring Persona 5’s dungeon known as the Palace, you’ll happen on specific rooms known as “Safe Rooms.” These rooms allow your party to rest and save, and you can even use theme to travel to other Safe Rooms as a shortcut.

Persona 5 launches on February 14 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, in North America and Europe. The game will be releasing on September 15 in Japan.


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