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Paladins Is Coming to Consoles With a Closed Beta in Tow


Paladins Is Coming to Consoles With a Closed Beta in Tow

Open to all.

You know that one game that looks like Overwatch? No, not that one, the other one, Paladins. Yeah, that one, from Hi-Rez, the folks behind Smite. Not only is it coming to PC, it’s also going to be heading to consoles as well.

Hi-Rez insisted that the game was “designed with consoles in mind” from the start of development. Its control scheme has been polished by console gamers that are “big name,” so that it’ll feel right to those who play on consoles.

Along with that news, the developers announced that the beta will be coming to consoles as well. While a date for it hasn’t been revealed, you can sign up for the beta here if you own a PS4, and here if you own an Xbox One. Go ahead and sign up, and cross your fingers that you get in!

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Paladins is set to release on all three systems sometime next year.

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