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Overwatch Competitive Season 2 is Here, Only on PC and Xbox One For Now

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Overwatch Competitive Season 2 is Here, Only on PC and Xbox One For Now

Plus the new map.

Completely out of the blue (well, not really), Overwatch has returned with its second competitive season. Over on the forums, the details for the new patch have been detailed, and we get a recap of what’s new in the latest competitive season.

‘We’ve made some big changes to Competitive Play in anticipation of the launch of Season 2. The most noticeable change is the introduction of skill tiers, which we hope will better communicate players’ relative skill levels. Competitive Play will put a greater emphasis on skill tiers over specific ratings, and as such, a player’s tier will be more prominently displayed throughout the game. We’ve also switched the skill rating system to a 1-5000 scale to give players more detailed information about how each match affects their specific rating.

Sudden Death is also going away in Season 2. Instead, matches that are tied when the clock runs out end in a draw—though, it should be a rare occurrence. Because of this, we’ve made some changes to our game modes in Competitive Play to help reduce the chance that a draw can happen.’

In addition to that, the new Eichenwalde map has also been packed into the patch, so there’s quite a bit of new stuff to dive into this time around. Overwatch is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We’ll let you know when the patch is live for PS4 as well.

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