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Halo Wars 2 Will Have a New Mode, “Completely New Way to Play a RTS”


Halo Wars 2 Will Have a New Mode, “Completely New Way to Play a RTS”

New, new, new.

343 Industries decided to show off some new stuff for Halo Wars 2 at PAX West. Not only was some new gameplay featured (which you can see below), but there was also a hint of a brand new mode.

The game will take place 28 years after Halo Wars 1 and starts shortly after Halo 5 ends. Turns out the crew of the Spirit of Fire have been in cryosleep this whole time. Towards the end of the panel Dan Ayoub, the studio head of 343 Industries, ended it with mentioning a new mode that should be coming to the game.

“One of the modes, which I can only tease for the time being, is actually a completely new way to play a RTS,” said Ayoub. “It really takes the standard RTS gameplay and turns it on its head. And that’s a mode that can be played  in a shorter time frame as well, like five, six, seven minutes.”

Ayoub also mentions how they have tried to make Halo Wars 2 a bit easier and accessible for people, such as having lines showing where you’re firing and having different modes for people who might not be good at destroying everything. Halo Wars 2 is set to release on Feb. 21, 2017 for the Xbox One and PC.


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