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Mystic Messenger: Emails Guide (Romance Emails Answers For the Party Guests)


Mystic Messenger: Emails Guide (Romance Emails Answers For the Party Guests)


In order to successfully invite guests to the party in Mystic Messenger, you have to email them and choose the appropriate response options. Here’s our Party Guests Email Guide (Email Answers Guide) for Mystic Messenger.

Listed below are the responses you need to give to each guest in order to get them to attend the party.

By the way, if you can get three correct answers for a party guest, that guest has a 100% chance of showing up at the party, and you’ll also be able to get a free Hourglass from them.

If you get two of three responses correct, there is a small chance that they might not turn up. Getting only one or zero responses correct will cause them to not show up at the party.

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Party Guests Email Guide For Mystic Messenger (Email Answers)

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Allergy – Cat allergy, Beef and Seaweed Soup, I might be allergic to guests not coming to the party.

@artwomen – Monet, Louvre, Cantabile.

@badcomment –, I look forward to your next video, Report.

@banker – 100% interest rate, Swiss bank, $1.2 million.

@barista – Arabica, Drip brewing, Italian.

@bracelet – Don’t worry, Silver bracelet, Claw Machines.

@cathotel – Cat buffet, People putting on a show, Cat Limousine.

@catlovers – Head meow, Odd eye meow, Crystal litter.

@catprotect – Of course, Give them food, Social media.

@cherryfarm – Green, Poke it with a straw, Diamond.

@chef – 3 cups, You mix as if you’re cutting, 20 minutes.

@chicken – I saw it on YouTube, I mean you the owner, Cheese.

@college – Noon, Yellow and black, Candlelight.

@creamroll – Mythical Creatures, Limited edition title change ticket, Create a banner.

@culture – Borberry, Verragamo, Flower bed of pretty boys.

@designer – Hawk pose, Shiny white, silk underwear with scarf

@detective – Vanished treasure islands, Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration, Jaehee.

@doclee – The seal is unlocked, Black, Rise of the fire dragon.

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