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Mystic Messenger: How to Get Hourglasses

Mystic Messenger Hourglasses

Mystic Messenger: How to Get Hourglasses

Wind the clock!

Hourglasses are a pretty important resource in Mystic Messenger, as they are required to unlock the game’s Deep Route and other locked content. You can also use Hourglasses to replay any chatroom events, text messages, or calls that you may have missed on the app.

They’re pretty hard to come by, but if you have enough patience, you’ll be able to save up Hourglasses for anything you may need in the future. Listed below are a few methods to obtain them.

Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger

1. Collect Hearts

Hearts are another resource in Mystic Messenger. Once you’ve accumulated 100 Hearts, you can trade them in for one Hourglass. You can gain Hearts by selecting appropriate answers when chatting with any of the five available characters in the game.

2. Gather Party Guests

You can gain one Hourglass for every guest you manage to invite to the party. The catch is, you have to answer all three of their email questions accurately in order to claim them.

If you can answer all three email questions, tap the guest list icon on the left side of your screen, then tap on the guest you managed to invite. You should be able to redeem your Hourglass from here.

3. Be a Really Good Conversationalist

Having pleasant conversations with the five characters can sometimes reward you with an Hourglass. This seems to be a random occurrence, and it’s not 100% reliable.

But if you make the effort to choose the appropriate options when chatting with the characters, you’ll have the chance to gain extra Hourglasses, so just keep at it.

Those are all the known methods for obtaining Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger for now. If you know of any other methods, feel free to sound off in the comments section down below. If you need any more help, check out some other MM guides, too.

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