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Hyper Light Drifter for Wii U and Vita Officially Canceled

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Hyper Light Drifter for Wii U and Vita Officially Canceled

Refunds or keys on other platforms are on offer

Kickstarter backers for Hyper Light Drifter on the Wii U and PS Vita got some bad news on Thursday afternoon. Developer Heart Machine’s Alex Preston posted a new video aimed at those backers explaining those versions were being officially canceled.

While some had come to believe this revelation had been coming for some time, considering the long wait between the release of the game on other platforms and the Wii U and Vita, this was the final word. Hyper Light Drifter was canceled because of issues with the GameMaker engine running on those two platforms.

In the video, Preston says porting the game would force the developers to do a total rebuild from the ground up. That is simply more effort than Heart Machine is willing to put into the game at this late date.

While this is certainly disappointing news for those who were waiting for Hyper Light Drifter to come to the Wii U or Vita, the company wants to make sure those people don’t feel like they’ve been left out in the cold. Preston made it clear that people who backed the project on those platforms have two avenues they can pursue.

The firm is offering keys to the game on other platforms if users want to go that route. The company is also offering full refunds to those who backed Hyper Light Drifter on the Wii U or Vita.


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