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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy Character Details Revealed

Horizon Zero Dawn, PS4,

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy Character Details Revealed

Aloy Aloy!

On Feb. 28, 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. There has been an impressive-looking gameplay demo that has done the rounds at E3, and questions surround the game’s protagonist Aloy.

Game Informer spoke with Guerrilla Games’ Lead Writer, John Gonzalez, and some details have been fleshed out around Aloy’s character and the role that she will play in the game’s story.

An outcast from her native tribe – the Nora – Aloy has been raised by a mentor figure in Rost (shown above). Training her to hunt and survive from a very young age, Rost cares for the young outsider. An intuitive understanding and appreciation of technology is kindled in Aloy, and this separates her further from the tech-wary Nora.

A central quest to find out about Aloy’s absent parents will underpin the story, and provide an emotional tether between her and the player. Moreover, Aloy’s outsider status gives her a level of compassion toward others and allow her to interact with and help people where many would not.

Not only making the character independent and strong, but an extremely adept hunter, whilst injecting her with a human and vulnerable edge is something that Gonzalez holds in high esteem: “You try to make sure the character has conflicts, has a desire, has something that they’re trying to accomplish throughout the narrative and take that seriously.”

It’s reminiscent of the re-imagining that Ms. Croft was given in Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider reboot, and Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping up to be an exciting and unique new IP. To check out the most recent TGS trailer for the game, click here.

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