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Embrace Your Inner Scrooge McDuck With This Gold PS4 Controller

PS4, Gold DuelShock

Embrace Your Inner Scrooge McDuck With This Gold PS4 Controller

Treat Yo Self!

Are you tired of just using the plain black, white, or blue colored controllers when gaming? Well, if so PlayStation has just announced on their official Twitter account that a gold colored DualShock 4 will be available at GameStop. Said controller will be exclusive to GameStop and is set to release on the 21st of November. However, if you want to look fancy while rocking your favorite games it will cost you $64.99 at launch. This PS4 controller will only be available until May 2017, so if you plan on purchasing one make sure to do it sometime during the winter.

The controller itself looks fantastic, as the gold color works nicely with the blacks and blues scattered about the various buttons, joysticks, and light on the back. It’s important to note that the Gold DuelShock 4 is a little bit more expensive than your typical PS4 controller, as you can purchase a standard black one for $59.99 (or $52.99 if it’s pre-owned). There are no special features or additions with the Gold PS4 controller outside of the aesthetic details. Now all you’ll need are some diamond encrusted joysticks and crystal triggers to really play like royalty.

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