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Civilization VI’s Trajan of Rome Is Bringing Rapid Expansion to the Table


Civilization VI’s Trajan of Rome Is Bringing Rapid Expansion to the Table

Trajan of Rome will specialize in expanding his empire by settling cities at a rapid rate.

The creators of Civilization VI have released a first look video on how to play as Trajan, the leader of Rome.

Rome is a civilization that will be specializing in, well, expanding the civilization. Trajan takes advantage of this by using his special ability, Column. When one of his settlers stumbles upon a new city, it will start with one free building in the city center. His free building will most likely be a Monument, but other buildings can also be constructed for free, saving both time and resources.

Each empire will have a special ability dedicated to that specific civilization. Rome is carrying the “All Roads Lead to Rome,” ability. All newly constructed cities will start off with a trading post. Every city that gets settled within a trade route of your capital will start out with a trade route already constructed. Those trade routes will then collect extra gold for passing through trading posts in your cities. An ongoing loop of extra gold will be earned as you branch your cities out around your capital.

The new unit that is unique to Rome will be called Legions. This unit will be replacing Rome’s Swordsmen. For a little bit of extra gold and resources, Trajan gets a very important land unit to add to his arsenal. Not only are Legions more powerful, but they function as a “military engineer” by being able to construct roads and forts. Legions give Trajan an advantage over the competition because forts cannot be constructed as early as his Legions.

Rome will be the most successful when played as a fast city settling civilization. The gold advantage created from the “All Roads Lead to Rome” ability will create a nice steady source of income as new cities are settled. Trajan’s ability to create buildings as soon as cities are settled is great for early expansion. If any civilizations get upset at the early and rapid expansion, the Legions will be able to defend your territory with the early forts they can construct. Civilization VI is taking a better and more unique approach than previous games in the series. From what the creators are releasing about the different empires, they will play in a unique way, almost like a class based system.

Civilization VI will be releasing on October 21, 2016 on PC.

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This post was originally written by Levi Blank.

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