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New Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Shows off Multiplayer, Operations, and Normcore T-shirts


New Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Shows off Multiplayer, Operations, and Normcore T-shirts

Check out the 20-minute demo.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs 2, and gave us an extensive look at the new setting of San Francisco and the biggest changes to the game. In June at E3, we got a look at a story mission, and saw the various options that players have in combat.

And today, Ubisoft released a brand new 20-minute demo that shows off pretty much everything else we hadn’t already seen; including side activities, more hacking options, character customization, and both co-op and competitive multiplayer. Check out the video below.

The majority of the video focuses on side activities and larger “operations,” which seem to be side missions that focus on “infiltrate this place in any of several different ways” type objectives. Curiously, it looks like the player will have to discover operations themselves by exploring the world and hacking individuals. The operation shown off demonstrated how a mission can be completed without killing anybody.

Later on, they start up a co-op session by “randomly” finding another player in the world and holding triangle to instantly invite them. The co-op operations shown focused on one player being the lookout drone in the sky, while the other took care of business. Once the fighting broke out, both players abandoned non-lethality and defaulted to their 3D-printed assault rifles.

Hopefully, the full Watch Dogs 2 will feature a viable option in open combat for those not wanting to kill anyone.


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