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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Rerelease DLC Is Free and Available Now


Marvel Ultimate Alliance Rerelease DLC Is Free and Available Now

Eight more characters to help you pummel your way through the Marvel universe.

After a surprise announcement, followed by a shaky launch, Activision has finally released a new update for the current-gen versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2. Namely, the update adds eight new playable characters to the first game.

Priced and $40 on its own, or $60 when bundled with the second game, fans of Marvel Ultimate Alliance were upset to find the rerelease of the 10 year old game did not even include the original’s DLC. Soon after launch in July and alongside a much needed technical patch on PC, Activision offered a statement claiming the DLC was coming, but stopped short of giving an exact release date.

With the DLC finally available, Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann took to Twitter to break the good news:

The DLC includes the heroes Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, and The Hulk, and the villains Magneto, Venom, Dr. Doom, and Sabertooth. Downloading the patch automatically adds all eight characters directly to your game.

The rereleases of both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel are available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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