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Inside Gets a PS4 Trophy List, But it’s Missing a Platinum

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Inside Gets a PS4 Trophy List, But it’s Missing a Platinum

Bad news for the trophy hunters.

So it looks like Inside, the indie game from the devs who made Limbo, will be coming to the PS4 after all. The game was originally announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier this year, and was said to be exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 10. However, the appearance of the trophy list suggests that PS4 players will get to check it out too, and it was simply a timed exclusivity deal.

Most of the trophies listed here look pretty standard. They’re all story-related, but it looks like Inside won’t be getting a platinum trophy on PS4 – the coveted award that you can only get by unlocking every single trophy available in a game. Whether this is simply a mistake on Exophase’s part (though that’s unlikely) or the game really won’t be featuring a platinum trophy, this is certainly disappointing news for all the trophy hunters out there.

Inside doesn’t have a solid release date for the PS4 just yet, but we’ll let you know as more details come our way.

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