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Battlefield 1’s Beta Servers Experience Outages

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Battlefield 1’s Beta Servers Experience Outages

It’s day one of the open beta…

The open beta for Battlefield 1, the latest in DICE’s epic multiplayer series, went live today, but the game is already suffering from multiple “server outages,” meaning many players are unable to connect into a match.

Both EA and DICE have taken to Twitter to address the issue, with the former stating that the issue may affect a number of EA games or services, and the latter promising that they’re “working to resolve as soon as possible.”

Many users who have tried to hop into a game today have been unable to connect to the servers at all, greeted only with a message that reads “Failed to connect to EA Online.”

If the users on the game’s forums are anything to go by, this has been an issue experienced across all available platforms, including PS4, Xbox One and PC.

DICE hasn’t announced an end date for the beta’s run-time, so perhaps the silver lining out of all this will be a decision to extend its availability even further to make up for this down time at launch.

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