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You Can Eat Kirby’s Face at This Japan Cafe


You Can Eat Kirby’s Face at This Japan Cafe

Yum, yum, yum.

Ah, Kirby, Nintendo’s adorable pink blob thing. He’s so cute, the way he eats everything in sight, becomes yarn, or jumps inside a mech suit. As old people would say, he’s so cute you could eat him up…and that’s good, because now you totally can. A cafe for the titular character is opening up in Japan, and quite a few of the stuff there will have his face on it.

Such food that’ll have his face will include pancakes, star-shaped seafood curry, and a Maxim Tomato soup cup (no clue how that works). The food won’t just feature our titular hero; it’ll encompass his supporting cast as well, such as the penguin King Dedede. There’s even a Meta Knight ice cream. You can check out all there is to offer right here.

There’s currently three Kirby cafes planned for release in Japan. The first will be in Osaka and open on Aug. 5, with a merchandise shop that’ll open up two days later. The second cafe/shop combo will head to Tokyo, followed by one in Nagoya, though that one will just be the merch shop.

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