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Gears of War 4’s Art Book is Covered in Red and Chainsaws


Gears of War 4’s Art Book is Covered in Red and Chainsaws

Rev it up.

It’s been a good day if you’re a fan of game art. Earlier today, Blizzard announced that they’d put out an art book for Overwatch coming next year, but the good news doesn’t just stop there. In addition to announcing their campaign and multiplayer-filled plans for San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Microsoft and The Coalition also announced the official cover for Gears of War 4’s upcoming art book. Courtesy of Dark Horse, who’s also behind the upcoming art book for Dishonored 2, the book will feature “hundreds” of pieces of art, from conception to full release. The previous cover for the game was a simple silhouette of protagonist JD Fenix, but now, the cover shows the series’ iconic Lancer.

Also included will be commentary from the developers at The Coalition, along with “much more”, though what that is hasn’t been said yet. You can expect it to drop on Dec. 20.

Gears of War 4 (the game, not the art book) will come to the Xbox One on Oct. 11.

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