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Tap Your Pokemon in Pokemon GO to Make Them Do Stuff


Tap Your Pokemon in Pokemon GO to Make Them Do Stuff

Gotta tap ’em all!

There’s plenty you can do with your Pokemon in Pokemon GO: battle them, name them, exchange them for candy, and so much more. Time to add one more little tidbit to that list: you can tap them in your Pokemon menu to see them move around and make their signature sound.

For example, here is my beloved Psyduck, standing still as he normally does when you’re checking out his stats.

Pokemon GO, Psyduck

Now here’s the same Psyduck after a friendly tap. Look at the cute little guy squirm.

Pokemon GO, Psyduck

Each Pokemon has a different and unique action. The sound each Pokemon makes is the same sound you hear from them in the normal Pokemon games, so whether you picked up the 3DS re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow earlier this year, or you’ve been playing Pokemon games for the last 20 years, many of these noises should sound incredibly familiar. So during your quest to catch ’em all, make sure you tap ’em all too and be more entertained than before.

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