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Pokemon GO Player Inadvertently Finds a Dead Person


Pokemon GO Player Inadvertently Finds a Dead Person

Be careful.

Pokemon GO has only been out for two days, and it’s had people taking trips to places they wouldn’t even think of in order to catch ‘em all. For one Shayla Wiggins in Wisconsin, she ended up stumbling across a dead body during her trip to find water-themed Pokemon for her collection.

The 19-year-old was walking along the Wind River because she’d gotten up early in the morning to play (according to her, the Pokemon are “all over the Riverton”), and her travels took her to where she found the body. Her first reaction was to call the authorities, who quickly made their way over to the scene. According to the Fremont County Sheriff’s department, the cause of death seems to be accidental drowning rather than foul play, though they won’t know for sure until they perform an autopsy.

For other players, be sure to stay safe and vigilant out there while playing Pokemon GO.

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