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Quake Champions Details Abilities and Hero Characters


Quake Champions Details Abilities and Hero Characters

Meet the first four Champions.

The surprise E3 announcement of Quake Champions was more than enough to delight fans and raise some eyebrows, but we still know very little about the actual game. Opening up a bit more about the new PC exclusive arena shooter, Bethesda has given more insight into just what is happening in that reveal trailer.

Taking a page out of the MOBA playbook, Quake Champions will feature, and revolve around, a cast of playable characters, the titular Champions. The game “not only captures the spirit of the original games but also brings the storied shooter into the modern era with the addition of Champions,” Bethesda explains in a post on the publisher’s website.

The reveal trailer features the first four Champions: Ranger, Visor, Nyx and Scalebearer, each outfitted with their own unique active ability. Going through each in the video below, Studio Director Tim Willits outlines all four. Ranger can throw a Dire Orb that he can then teleport to, Visor can use Piercing Sight to see through walls, Nyx is a fast character that can phase around the arena, and finally Scalebearer can charge enemies with his Bull Rush ability.

Born from the idea that everyone plays Quake differently, each Champion is meant to work with a specific playstyle. Beyond that though, the active abilities then “add depth in gameplay to the matches,” Willits says. “And the active abilities really help also in team play.”

Releasing exclusively to PC, look for much more to come about Quake Champions as QuakeCon kicks off August 4.

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