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Watch Dogs 2’s Main Voice Acting Cast Revealed

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Watch Dogs 2’s Main Voice Acting Cast Revealed

Hero hackers among us.

In the first of their Remote Access videos, Ubisoft revealed the voice actors for the primary heroes of the upcoming Watch Dogs 2. In addition to playable character Marcus Holloway, he’s joined by fellow DeadSec hackers The Wrench, Sitara, and Josh. Scriptwriter Lucien Soulban says that the relationship between the four leads will visibly change throughout the game, and their connections together will drive the game forward.

Marcus’ voice actor, Ruffin Prentiss, says that he’s a self-taught hacker and personally describes him as “fucking cool”. After being profiled by the cTOS, Marcus joins up with DeadSec to fight injustice and bring it to its knees in San Francisco. Part of that involves getting mixed up with Wrench (voiced by Shawn Baichoo), the engineer of DeadSec’s San Francisco section and who ends up as his closest friend. He’s described as a bit of a “problem solver” and demolition man; Soulban says that Wrench likes to get into trouble and have good fights.

The third member of their group is Sitara, voiced by Tasya Teles. Teles says that she’s a playful, but serious rebel who has purpose with the hacking group. It’s her who makes all the visuals for DeadSec that’ll be popping up throughout the game. Finally, there’s Jonathan Dubsky’s Josh, who’s said to be not all that outspoken, but when he speaks, it’s “important”, but he also says it completely inappropriately. Still, he’s the coder of the team, and an invaluable asset.

Watch Dogs 2 hacks into the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15.

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