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Pokemon Sun and Moon Unveils Salandit, a Poison-Fire Type Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon Unveils Salandit, a Poison-Fire Type Pokemon

That’s a very creepy laugh.

For those patiently waiting for Pokemon Sun and Moon to be released later this year, here’s a new trailer showing off a brand new Pokemon that will be featured in the game. Here’s Salandit, a Poison and Fire type Pokemon who’s capable of poisoning any type of Pokemon. You can check out this new Pokemon in the trailer below, along with his exceedingly creepy laugh.

In the trailer, we see Salandit using various types of moves to take down its opponents, including a rather hapless Zubat. It’s cool getting a Poison-Fire type Pokemon in Sun and Moon, but I do wish it had cuter laugh.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be made available for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18. The game will be set in a brand new region, and will also allows trainers to carry around a Rotom Pokedex – it’s a Pokedex inhabited by a Pokemon, and it actually speaks to you. What are your thoughts on Salandit’s design? Let us know in the comments down below.

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