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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Bug Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Bug Type Pokemon

Bug type Pokemon may not be the strongest in Pokemon GO, but if you hope to “catch ’em all,” then you’re going to need to seek these little critters out as well. They aren’t completely useless though, as some may believe. Some of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO are Grass and Psychic types, which Bug type Pokemon happen to be strong against, so it’s a good idea to keep at least one of these in your roster.

Thankfully, since they aren’t particularly powerful or rare, Bug types can be found just about anywhere during your adventure in Pokemon GO. Parks, streets, beaches, roads, sidewalks – no matter where you are you, have a chance to encounter one of these creepy crawlies to add to your collection. It should be noted that grassy areas, which will appear dark green in the app, have a higher chance of spawning these types. Keep that in mind, especially if you’re endeavoring to obtain the Bug Catcher medal.

Since bug type Pokemon are so common, they make perfect fodder to help you level up quickly, bring lots of Poke Balls and catch as many as you can.

Looking to get the rest of Pokemon GO’s medals? Check out the rest of our type location guides here. If you still need some help on your quest to become the very best, check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide to find the answers for any questions you may have.

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