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Pokemon GO’s Vaporeon Has Been Nerfed

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Pokemon GO’s Vaporeon Has Been Nerfed

Just when I was getting good

The Pokemon GO app has been updated and there have been several changes made that might not be noticeable for players. That includes several Pokemon moves being changed, along with a fan favorite getting nerfed.

Reddit user Archangelus posted screenshots showing that their Vaporeon moveset damage has been decreased, with Water Gun going from 10 damage to 6 and Aqua Tail going from 50 to 45. There is good news in that Hydro Pump went from 60 to 90 damage. Yet, that is overshadowed by the fact that Hyper Beam damage was updated from 70 damage to 120 damage.

Despite the nerf, Vaporeon is still a good choice depending on what move set you happen to get, but due to the update there are even more worthwhile contenders now. Reddit users have compiled a list of moves that have been updated, along with a chart to show the rankings of which Pokemon is currently the strongest. Vaporeon was formerly ranked second after Snorlax and is now ranked fourth after Dragonite and Lapras. This shouldn’t discourage players as these three Pokemon are harder to find compared to a Vaporeon, which players can get by using the Eevee name trick if they haven’t done so before.


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