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Pokemon GO: How to Transfer Pokemon After 0.31.0 Update

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Pokemon GO: How to Transfer Pokemon After 0.31.0 Update

All the candy!

Pokemon GO’s latest update has been released upon us and with it, some changes to both new and old mechanics including the popular Transfer system. If you are unfamiliar, the Transfer system is used to get rid of Pokemon you don’t want and will reward you with candy to that specific Pokemon. This is a handy way of maximizing those hundreds of Weedles that have been flooding your backpack and allow you to evolve Pokemon faster.

Yet, with the 0.31.0 update, the location of the transfer button has been changed to fit with the games new, more streamlined layout. Normally you would find the Transfer button at the very bottom of the screen once you selected a Pokemon, however, this has been moved.

Now in order to Transfer your Pokemon, make sure to select the one you want to exchange for candy and click the menu button in the bottom right corner. This is the green circle with three horizontal lines in the center. Once selected a tab menu will open with the options to “Favorite” or “Transfer” your Pokemon. Select the latter and then hit Yes when the warning tab comes up. After this is done, you will send your Pokemon off to Professor Willow and receive 1 candy for your trouble.

The amount of candy you receive has not changed and you will not be able to take the Pokemon back once it’s sent away. Hopefully, this will minimize accidents where people end up transferring their best Pokemon.

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