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Pokemon GO Suffers From a Really Annoying Gym Glitch


Pokemon GO Suffers From a Really Annoying Gym Glitch

Insert curse words here.

With Pokemon GO being released, everyone is out and about trying to get the best Pokemon. Some trainers might be trying to get all the gyms in their area, which means they might be running into a bug that prevents them from doing so.

Players have been battling enemy Pokemon and when they are within inches of winning, the app will glitch out. This causes the enemy’s health to go down to one health point and not being affected by any other attacks after. There are a few different ways this can all end. 

The first being that none of your moves register, the time is ticking down and you restart the app for the gym to glitch out. Meaning it won’t even let you start the battle anymore and you walk away in frustration. You can try waiting out the battle while the enemy Pokemon is frozen and doesn’t attack. This will either give you the win that you deserve or you will lose the fight because the time to do so is over. Or the enemy is able to attack, causes your Pokemon to faint, and makes you lose the battle and waste items to heal everyone up. 

As of now there has been no official word on when this bug will get fixed or when any updates will roll out. What do you think about this bug and has it caused you any frustration? Let us know in the comments below.


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