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Pokemon GO PSA: You Can Catch the Other Starter Pokemon in the Wild


Pokemon GO PSA: You Can Catch the Other Starter Pokemon in the Wild

Consequence free choices! Huzzah!

In gaming, no choice may be more iconic than which starter Pokemon you decide to pick up. This choice is normally not only based on personal preference but the fact that you may not be able to obtain another starter Pokemon until far later in the game. When you boot up Pokemon GO, you are presented with the three choices from the classic Gameboy games (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) and tasked with catching one. While this can be considered your “starter,” rest assured fellow Poke-Masters, you can catch any of the others in the wild.

Given that the only real battling system is through gyms, the beginning choice you make won’t have as much of defining impact on the core experience. Regardless of which one you choose, the other starters will appear in the wild at various locations and can be captured in the exact same way as other Pokemon. This is not only for the sake of collecting but due to the leveling up mechanics laid out in Pokemon GO.

While we are not sure if there is a certain rarity to each Pokemon’s appearance rate, make sure to always keep your eyes open for the silhouettes of those famous three starters. Especially since, as of now, none of the other starters from the other Pokemon titles are available.

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