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Pokemon GO Plus Devices are Being Sold for Over $100 on eBay

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Plus Devices are Being Sold for Over $100 on eBay

It’s tempting, but don’t do it.

People are going absolutely crazy over Pokemon GO. The app launched in the US, New Zealand, and Australia last week, and users are having a blast catching Pokemon and interacting with fellow trainers at Pokestops and Gyms. The Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth device will surely attract diehard users.

The device, once connected to your phone, will alert you each time you’re near a Pokestop, or if there’s a Pokemon hanging around near you. These were made available for $30. However, preorders now sold out at multiple retailers, and we’ll have to wait a while before they get back in stock again. Those who have managed to secure their preorders are now selling them off on eBay at a much higher price.

If you take a look at the listings on eBay, the price ranges from $80 to as high as $200. If you’re hoping to secure a Pokemon GO Plus device the day it launches at the end of this month, eBay looks like your best bet. But be prepared to shell out some extra cash for it.

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