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Pokemon GO Petition Seeks to Add More Pokestops and Gyms to Less Populated Areas

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Pokemon GO Petition Seeks to Add More Pokestops and Gyms to Less Populated Areas

We don’t have enough landmarks!

Pokemon GO has been an absolute blast since its launch last week. With the ability to catch Pokemon in the real world, as well as the interpersonal connections you get to make with other people, Niantic’s app is an absolute delight. In particular, the Pokestops and Gyms located around your area are often great places to run into other trainers who might be looking for new Pokemon to catch.

However, it looks like those living in rural or less populated areas might be having some difficulty traveling to Pokestops and Gyms due to a lack of landmarks. Some people have taken to Reddit to discuss the difficulty of checking out Pokestops because there are only a handful of them in their area, and it’s incredibly inconvenient to travel to them every time they need to restock on Potions of Pokeballs.

Some fans have also created a petition to get Niantic to add more Pokestops and Gyms to areas that might not have a lot of landmarks on the maps.

“There should be a system to submit requests for Pokéstops and Gyms, even if it takes a while to get them approved—even if the only requirement is that there isn’t another one RIGHT next to it. Then, where there are Pokéstops and Gyms, have Pokémon spawn.”

Are you a Pokemon GO player living in one of these less populated areas? This petition could be worth looking into.

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