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Even the U.S. Marines Have Pokemon GO Fever Now


Even the U.S. Marines Have Pokemon GO Fever Now

Do they use electric Pokemon to power their planes?

No group is too tough or too cool to catch Pokemon GO fever, not even the United States Marine Corps. Recently on their official Instagram account, the U.S. Marines showed how they got mixed up with a Pikachu. Telling the electric mouse to: “Get off the firing line, Pikachu! That’s a safety Violation!”

To be fair, it definitely looks dangerous for Pikachu to be there. Capturing him is the only way to ensure its safety.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the U.S. military has been involved with Pokemon. Who could forget The Lightning American, Lt. Surge, who valiantly (and fictionally) served his country in the games and anime. He used electric types to power his planes you know.

It’s yet another example of how widespread the craze for Pokemon GO is. Honestly we were expecting it to be popular, but this level of Pokemania hasn’t been seen since the 90s, and it’s kind of nuts. As a free to play game even, Pokemon GO has reportedly made over $14 million already. Yeah, hope you didn’t make any bets in the 90s that this would all be a fad.


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