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Pokemon GO: How Long Lure Modules Last


Pokemon GO: How Long Lure Modules Last

Pokemon GO’s Lure Modules are the easiest way to start a trainer party, but how long do they last? Only 30 minutes, sadly.

To get you up to speed, you can purchase Modules from the in-game store with PokeCoins, or on very rare occasions get them as loot from PokeStops. You can then place these Modules on a PokeStop to generate a specific effect. Using a Lure Module will draw Pokemon towards that PokeStop, but unlike Incense, the Lure will be stationary and affect any trainer in the area. That means you can usually drop a Lure and summon a flock of nearby trainers for an impromptu capture party.

It seems as though additional Module types will be added in the future, but Lure is all we have for now. We’ll keep you posted on any new Modules to hit the store.

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