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Overwatch’s Lijang Tower Map Honors Fan Who Passed Away


Overwatch’s Lijang Tower Map Honors Fan Who Passed Away

Heroes never die.

If you play an Overwatch match and go to the Control Center portion of the Lijang Tower map, you’ll find a group of spacesuits. Above one of those spacesuits is a message written in Chinese that translates to “Heroes Never Die”, a saying often used by the healer Mercy. In this context, it’s written in honor of a young Chinese player named Hongyu Wu.

According to this Reddit post, 20-year-old Wu died on May 23, the day before the game came out, after chasing down a thief who was stealing a schoolmate’s bike. During the chase, both bikes collided and Wu had severe internal bleeding from his head injuries, and he passed shortly after. The criminal was later apprehended, and Wu was posthumously given the “Courageous Citizen” award by the Guangzhou city. Wu’s friends said that he was very much looking forward to Overwatch in the lead up to its release.

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