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BioShock and XCOM Designers Would Consider Teaming up for a Game

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BioShock and XCOM Designers Would Consider Teaming up for a Game

Imagine the possibilities.

Before they revolutionized what players thought a modern first-person shooter could be with BioShock, Ken Levine and Irrational Games made a real-time strategy RPG in 2002, called Freedom Force. When a fan commented that he would love to see a “bastard child” of Freedom Force and the XCOM series, both Levine and XCOM 2 Lead Jake Solomon responded with plenty of enthusiasm.

“In a heartbeat. In a heartbeat,” Solomon replies in kind, the exchange spotted by Game Informer. Solomon took over as lead designer for XCOM with the rebooted XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and continued with this year’s XCOM 2.

Freedom Force saw players put together a team of super heroes to defend Patriot City. When a ship that is fleeing to Earth gets destroyed, its cargo, Energy X gets scattered across the city, giving many people superpowers.

Though the comments are unlikely to actually lead to anything, imagining a superhero game with the style and intense strategy of XCOM is enough to give you chills. Recently, Firaxis announced XCOM 2 will be making it’s way to consoles, while Ken Levine has since moved on from BioShock to work on an as yet unnamed project.

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