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Dead Rising 4 Will Be “More Measured” Than Previous Games

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Dead Rising 4 Will Be “More Measured” Than Previous Games


Dead Rising 4 is due to be released this December and we can’t wait to take on the zombie horde. The game still promises to be a lot of fun, but will also be a little more nuanced and more measured than previous games.

As executive producer Bryce Cochrane told GameStop at Comic-Con: “We’re trying to merge everything together right now. It’s still fast-paced, but it’s a bit more measured. We went way deeper with explorable areas, and dug down into a sewer system beneath the city of Willamette.”

Dead Rising 4 will feature the return of Frank West, the protagonist from the first game, and this is no mere fan service. As reporter, Frank West will allow players to experience the game as someone trying to get to the bottom of things, rather than just a random guy curb stomping zombies.

“We brought back the investigation and photojournalism of Dead Rising 1, and that’s what’s going to progress you through the game,” said Cochrane. “It’s all about learning the story of Willamette. You have these choices: ‘Do I want to go with the mission? Do I want to go with side content? Or do I want to go with fun?'”

Fans of Dead Rising’s zombie massacring mayhem shouldn’t worry the series has lost its sense of humor. You will still be able to go on undead killing sprees. Dead Rising 4 will even feature exosuits which can have mounted rocket launchers, mini guns, or even be combined with a Slurpee machine.

“We’re still the fun zombie game, We don’t take ourselves seriously. That’s not going to change with Dead Rising 4. There will just be more avenues for you to take if you want to vary the experience,” Cochrane said.

Dead Rising 4 will be released on the Xbox One and PC on December 6. As a timed exclusive, it will eventually go on to be released on the PlayStation 4.


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