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The Division to Add Clear Sky Challenge Mode and Other Fixes Today

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The Division to Add Clear Sky Challenge Mode and Other Fixes Today

The challenge mode is here.

The challenge mode for the latest incursion in The Division, Clear Sky, was supposed to drop a week ago but ended up having to be pushed back. It looks like the challenge mode will be included today after the servers are back up from maintenance. Listed below are the changes made to the game after server downtime:

  • Fixed instances of players being teleported automatically to the Safehouse/Checkpoint in some areas of the DZ06 and an electronic store in the Open World
  • Moved the no-respawn zone at the entrance of Clear Sky to reduce the risk of players mistakenly entering the Instance before the group was formed
  • Activated Clear Sky Challenge Mode

The Division still seems to be plagued with quite a few annoying glitches and bugs, but at least the team over at Ubisoft Massive is working to fix them all. Will you be tackling the Clear Sky challenge mode this weekend? And have you been experiencing any other game issues? Let us know in the comments down below.

Thanks, VG247.

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