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Overwatch Meets NSYNC in This Mash-Up and It’s Magical


Overwatch Meets NSYNC in This Mash-Up and It’s Magical

Reaper’s definitely the bad boy.

The heroes of Overwatch hold down a variety of other jobs such as Lucio’s DJ career, but did you know that Reaper was part of a boy band? It seems our angsty, masked friend has some serious vocal talent and has finally released his new hit single. Titled “DIE, DIE, DIE!” the NSYNC-inspired song was created by Youtuber Alpharad and it’s simply amazing. Overwatch has always had a dedicated fanbase when it comes to creative content, most of which is focused on producing amazing drawings and gorgeous costumes. Yet, this song may reign supreme over all others; at least until Reinhardt’s German rock album drops.

“DIE, DIE, DIE!” mocks how some Reaper players forget to play the objective and instead go around the map just getting kills. Which, let’s be honest, happens a lot in Overwatch. Featuring two full verses and choruses, this should be the official song for Reaper’s Play of the Game. Though if we had to pick which NSYNC member Reaper is either Justin Timberlake or JC Chasez. Now we just have to figure out who are the other four in this Overwatch inspired boy band. Let us know in the comments  who you think should be apart of the new musical group!

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