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Check out Mafia III’s 22 Minute E3 2016 Gameplay Reveal

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Check out Mafia III’s 22 Minute E3 2016 Gameplay Reveal

Welcome to the family.

E3 is finally here and we’re getting to see loads of cool new games that are on the horizon. If you’ve been intrigued by Mafia III, then you’ll want to check out this 22 minute gameplay video which introduces you to the world of Mafia III and gives you an insight on what to expect.

Players will find themselves in the boots of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who is on a mission to destroy the Italian mob. As players progress, they will not only destroy the old crime family, but will create a new one with the help of three under-bosses who are introduced in this video.

Not only does the video show off the game’s impressive visuals and gameplay, it also shows how the developers have treated the city of New Bordeaux like a character of its own. As a re-imagined version of New Orleans, New Bordeaux is made up of ten districts, each with its own atmosphere.

Players will be able to tackle missions in Mafia III in their preferred style. Say you need to take out a guarded pimp, you can go in guns blazing, stealth your way in, or, as the video shows, take out the target silently then shoot your way out. Before you start a mission, you can select what weapons and gear you use, depending on which tactic you’re going to employ.

Mafia III is shaping up to be one of the biggest and most ambitious games of 2016 and this gameplay video certainly has us excited. The game is due to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 7.


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