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Uncharted 4: How to Solve the Roman Numeral Puzzle in Chapter 2


Uncharted 4: How to Solve the Roman Numeral Puzzle in Chapter 2

After you’ve climbed up that tower near the Panamanian prison, you’ll come to your first puzzle in Uncharted 4. This one is simple enough, of course, the game wants to start you off easy to make you feel like a genius.

In Chapter 2: Infernal Place, as we said before, you’re going to be adventuring up a tower. When you’ve reached a cell/dungeon room with roman numerals etched all upon the walls, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Walk up to the sun and moon drawing that you can interact with at one of the corners. Nate will comment on how it seems familiar, and you’ll be prompted to look at a journal note. Once you’ve looked at it, flipped, it and folded it, you’ll see a clue in the form of an arrow and a sort of m looking letter.

Looking at the walls, you’ll note that this is code for X and II together, which makes twelve or  XII. You’re going to then look for the piece of the wall that has XII on it, interact with that, and voila, you’ve solved your first puzzle in Uncharted 4! Note that the etchings are hard to see, but don’t be strayed away, it is definitely going to be the XII marking, once you find the right one.

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