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This Overwatch Player Destroyed His Foes With a Basketball

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This Overwatch Player Destroyed His Foes With a Basketball


The basketball is one of my favorite inclusions in the Overwatch beta. Much like the soccer ball in Destiny’s Tower, you can bounce the basketball around in the spawn room before you and your heroes head out to fight your foes. During the Overwatch open beta this past weekend, a player discovered that you could actually manipulate the basketball, bring it out of the spawn room, and use it to wreak havoc on the other team.

Shown in the video above, Junkrat managed to attach his steel trap and concussion bomb on the basketball before the match started. By doing this, the team was able to bring the basketball out of the spawn room, and then shoot it to propel it towards the enemy team. Once their foes were in range, Junkrat simply detonated the bomb to snag an easy kill. It’s an insanely innovative way of using Junkrat and the basketball, and who knows? Maybe the other heroes might have some ability that would allow them to manipulate the basketball as well.

Have you been playing the Overwatch beta? Let us know about your experiences with it in the comment section down below.

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