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The Next Battlefield Game Gets a Mysterious Tease

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The Next Battlefield Game Gets a Mysterious Tease

It’s coming.

Tomorrow will see the announcement of a new Battlefield game from the original developers DICE after taking some time off (Hardline was from Dead Space developer Visceral Games). Rumors have been swirling around about this game being set in the past, but DICE and EA’s response has been “all will be revealed soon”. To get folks hyped up for this new entry, they put out a very, very short teaser with just the name of (presumably) our lead hero for the campaign: Morgen.

Judging by the collar of his jacket, it looks like it’ll definitely be set in the past, and possibly during WWI. That’s the only thing to really glean from the footage, along with the return of the classic Battlefield theme. It definitely sounds more thunderous here, which works, given the look of fear on Morgen’s face as something rises in the air.

The Battlefield stream will start tomorrow at 4 PM ET, where we’ll get all the answers we’ve been asking. What do you think will be a part of the next entry in the series? Let us know in the comments below.

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