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Report: Unravel 2 Being Worked On by EA and Coldwood

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Report: Unravel 2 Being Worked On by EA and Coldwood

Yay more Yarny.

EA and Coldwood Interactive announced yesterday that they were working on a new project together. The good folks over at Destructoid reached out to EA to ask for confirmation if aforementioned project was Unravel 2, and it looks like that is indeed the case.

“Unravel seems to have worked out for the humble Sweden-based Coldwood Interactive studio, as EA has extended their partnership, ordering another game. When we reached out for details yesterday, it was confirmed to us that it is indeed Unravel 2, as expected.”

Unravel was released earlier this year, and players take control of a little yarn man named Yarny while getting through puzzle platforming stages. It’s great to see EA helping out indie developers and signing them on for smaller, more quaint projects like this one.

Unravel was released earlier this year on February 9, and it is now available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you excited by the prospect of getting Unravel 2? Let us know in the comments down below.

Thanks Destructoid.

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