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Pointless Fallout 4 Quest Finally Pays off in Far Harbor


Pointless Fallout 4 Quest Finally Pays off in Far Harbor

Park the Car in Harvard Yard.

Fallout 4 was absolutely jam packed with random encounters, unmarked quests and secrets that only the most eagle-eyed players would come across.

Some of them had absolutely no purpose, especially the one involving Parker Quinn. In the vanilla game you can find Parker hanging around near the South Boston Police Department. He’s a pretty scruffy looking dude, with a thick southie accent.

He tries to sell you a ‘charge card’ which he bills as the most spectacular proposition, an alternative to the bottle caps that litter the commonwealth. He claims to be an entrepreneur, and will charge you 110 caps for it. If you fall for the scam, you’ll quickly realize that no-one in the wasteland will accept this revolutionary form of currency, and you’re down on your luck. Sucks right?

Well, not anymore, because in Fallout 4’s first big DLC Far Harbor, it actually has a use!

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When talking to the trader Brooks in the initial hub of Far Harbor, you can ask if he accepts the card. Luckily for you, he does! Perhaps charge cards  are a big deal in New England?


Unfortunately, Brooks will only give you the 100 caps, and not replace the 10 cap service fee you gave professional con artist Parker Quinn. Better than nothing though, right?

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