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Jack Still Won’t Let Go in This Fallout 4 Far Harbor Titanic Reference

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Jack Still Won’t Let Go in This Fallout 4 Far Harbor Titanic Reference

Is someone choppin’ onions in here?!

Far Harbor officially released on all platforms yesterday and players are already finding some great little references and Easter Eggs in the new expansion.

Set on an island never seen before in Fallout 4, Far Harbor has players investigating one of Nick Valentine’s case reports, involving a missing girl and a whole load of conflict. While completing quests and taking on all manner of nasty new enemies inhabiting the island, it looks like one hawk-eyed player has spotted an amusing reference to the classic film, Titanic.

So we’ve all seen the film, or at least know the classic ending of Jack “not letting go.” Well, Reddit user, ClipsAhoy, found the reference and decided to share it with the world. From what we can gather from the screenshot, it looks like Jack just flat-out refused to ever let go, even when the bombs started to drop. That’s a seriously committed guy right there.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor, Jack, Titanic, easter egg, reference

Now I ain’t sayin’ that Rose didn’t want Jack to survive, but it definitely looks like there’s enough room for two on that door she’s lying on. Well, at least the love-struck couple died together in the end. Someone queue the Celine Dion music!

Have you found any other awesome references or Easter Eggs in Far Harbor? Feel free to share them in the comments below.



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