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Persona 5’s Animated Cutscenes Were Made by Production I.G

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Persona 5’s Animated Cutscenes Were Made by Production I.G

All the anime.

Persona 5’s game engine already looks good enough as it is, but the animated cutscenes we’ve seen so far have been nothing short of beautiful. The series sure has come a long way since the first game emerged as a spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei. Even the animated cutscenes in Persona 3 don’t look quite as good as the ones we’ll be getting in Persona 5.

As it turns out, the cutscenes for this new entry in the Persona series were actually produced by Production I.G. For those who may not be in the know, Production I.G. was responsible for producing popular anime shows like Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire, and Psycho-Pass. Incidentally, they also did the gorgeous cutscenes found in some of the game from the Tales JRPG series.

Persona 5 will follow the story of a group of teenagers who dress up as phantom thieves at night to investigate mysterious rumors and urban legends. The game is set to be released for the PS4 and PS3 on September 15 in Japan. More news about the game is expected to be revealed at this year’s E3 conference in Los Angeles.

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