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Overwatch’s Hit-Pip is the Sound of a Beer Can Opening

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Overwatch’s Hit-Pip is the Sound of a Beer Can Opening

Grab a beer every time you hit someone.

If you ever felt the unexplainable urge to go drink a can of beer while shooting down your foes in Overwatch, I’m pleased to report that this mystery has finally been solved. According to the game’s Collector’s Edition source book, the sound that’s emitted from hitting an enemy actually comes from opening a beer can.

“Another extremely challenging sound is the “hit-pip.” When you hit someone, you need to know you made contact. The sound needs to cut through the mix but not feel like it comes from any hero. It went through tons of iteration. Finally, one night I thought, ” It should be satisfying to hit an enemy.” Just think about what’s satisfying: beer. So I literally opened a beer bottle. pssht. The sound is reversed and tweaked a little, but that sound is our hit-pip.”

The Evil Within also used various food items like fruits and vegetables to create the gory, squishy sounds that we heard in the horror game. This is just further proof of the innovation that goes into the sound design for video games.

Thanks, Reddit.

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