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Koei Tecmo to Reveal Top Secret Omega Force Game at E3


Koei Tecmo to Reveal Top Secret Omega Force Game at E3

What could the secret be?

With Nioh and Attack on Titan as their big showoffs for this year’s E3 conference at Los Angeles, Koei Tecmo sure isn’t pulling any punches. In a press release sent out today, they’ve also revealed that they will be bringing a secret unannounced title, currently in development by Omega Force.

As you are probably aware, Omega Force is the developer behind the Dynasty Warrior games, and is well known for producing fun, action-oriented, combat-heavy titles. With two big action games headlining Koei Tecmo’s portfolio this year, it’s exciting to see what else they have to bring to the table.

“Two highly-anticipated upcoming titles pack a one-two punch for KOEI TECMO America at this year’s show: the dark samurai action RPG, Nioh, and high-octane, giant-slaying action game based on the anime by the same name, Attack on Titan. In addition, KOEI TECMO America will reveal an unannounced, top-secret title at the show, currently in development by Omega Force.”

Any ideas about what this top secret title could be? Let us know in the comments down below.

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