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Hitman Receiving First ‘Elusive Target’ and Escalation Contracts


Hitman Receiving First ‘Elusive Target’ and Escalation Contracts

Think you’re good enough to complete Hitman’s new challenges?

Hitman has always been a game that challenges its player base to take their time and plan accordingly for missions. This has always been a staple of the Hitman games and it seems like IO Interactive is going to put the communities skills to the test with their first ever ‘Elusive Target.’ In this update, set to drop sometime on Friday, players will have 48 hours to find and kill their target. The catch is there are no do-overs or going back to a previous save file; you have one shot to kill an ‘Elusive Target’ before he escapes. The way in which you kill the target is the way you have killed him, offering no second chances for would-be assassins who make a mistake.

Though this is not just a random NPC that is dropped into one of Hitman’s existing levels, but a fully fleshed out character specifically made for the game. An ‘Elusive Target’ will have a complete backstory along with motives for being in that particular location, offering a layer of depth to the hunt. On top of all that, Hitman players will not be able to find this target on the mini-map or even by using instinct. You will need to rely on the intel Diana has supplied you and learn the target’s routine all on your own.


For those who succeed in completing the ‘Elusive Target’ challenge, they will be rewarded with various in-game rewards. Once you complete 5 Elusive Target challenges, players will unlock the signature suit from Hitman: Absolution and after 10 competitions the suit from Hitman: Blood Money. However, that isn’t the only thing releasing soon, as two new Escalation Contracts are being added.

One Escalation Contract is dubbed “The Kotti Paradigm,” after Hitman speed runner TheKotti. Based off of one of Kotti’s own contract missions in Paris, this new addition is a far more difficult version of what he previously created. This contract will have three stages, of which the developers could only complete stage one successfully. The other Hitman contract is dubbed “The Scarlatti Covenant” and will require players to use explosives and the priest disguise.

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